Dr. Dunham Family Practice            Board Certified by the American Board of Family Medicine

About our Practice

Your Family Healthcare Specialist

Family Practice is the specialty of medicine dealing with the medical care of children, adults, and seniors. A family physician (FP) has completed an additional 3 years of post-medical school specialty training under the supervision of the American Board of Medical Specialties. In contrast, a “general practitioner” (GP) has only 1 additional year of training.

Dr. Dunham is trained in all areas of medicine including pediatrics, internal medicine, geriatrics, gynecology, psychiatry, minor surgery, obstetrics, diabetes care, sports medicine, and nutrition. Using a holistic and comprehensive approach to patient care, Dr. Dunham goes beyond mere treatment of symptoms to identifying underlying causes revealed through detailed analysis of long-term medical history, genetics, and lifestyle. This type of personal comprehensive healthcare is best delivered within the context of a long-term doctor-patient relationship with the goal of preventing or delaying illness.

“We treat the whole person, not just the problem. When people participate in “fast-food” medicine from sources other than a fully qualified and certified physician, they are missing the true benefits a Family Physician can offer.”
–Dr. Dunham

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